A new concealer launched by Charlotte Tilbury

A new concealer launched by Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, a British cosmetic artist, has pleased Australian beauty enthusiasts with the release of her much awaited product. 

The $49 product expands the celebrity makeup artist’s renowned collection. Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer is now available in 30 different hues at MECCA locations around Australia. 

The “radiance-boosting” solution claims an immediate glow that will “brighten, smooth, and lift” the appearance of the face and eye region for up to 16 hours, leaving the skin looking naturally perfect. 

Those in pursuit of the ideal concealer will not be disappointed, as this product “magically” hides blemishes without seeming cakey. 

Charlotte stated, “Throughout my 29-year career as a skincare performance specialist and makeup artist to the stars, everyone has always requested a concealing solution unlike any other.” 

Top-secret beauty formula 

“This is my most closely guarded beauty secret. It is the concealer for which everyone has been waiting. It is comparable to shapewear for the eyes and face. Use to cover, brighten, and contour fatigue, dark circles, pigmentation, and imperfections. Unlock my skin care secret in few seconds.” 

The “balmy” solution, lauded for its long-term skincare effects, claims to “dramatically” diminish dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. 

The product combines hero components, such as vitamin C to balance out skin tone, hyaluronic acid and camellia oil rich in Omega 9 to assist preserve the skin’s natural barrier, leaving complexion appearing plumper, moisturised, and younger. 

The medium-coverage concealer may be used in three ways: to hide with your match, to brighten with a lighter shade, and to contour with a darker shade. 

In honour of the occasion, the MECCA Loves Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Bus will visit Bondi Beach on September 2 and 3, before travelling the 900 kilometres between Sydney and Melbourne. 

On September 10 and 11, the bus will stop outside Melbourne’s Highpoint Shopping Centre. 

The bus offers 15-minute “Express Glow Ups” with MECCA artistry professionals showcasing the new concealer, free gifts, and daily prise contests, including a chance to win an exclusive Charlotte Tilbury experience for you and a guest at MECCA George Street. 

The main shop on George Street will also undergo renovations until September 14. 

Sydney and Melbourne tickets may be purchased for $20.

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